The five movies you need to see in Madison, May 9-15, 2014


Neighbors” (all week, Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema, Sundance) — My full review is here. The studio comedy is on the ropes (or maybe you’re looking forward to seeing that “Blended” thing with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?) so when a good one comes along it’s worth pointing out. Nick Stoller’s consistently funny film, about a turf war between new parents (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) and the frat next-door (led by Zac Efron) exists in the Apatowverse of raunch and sweetness, but it’s tighter than an Apatow epic. Plus, it offers a great comic role to Byrne that basically thumbs its nose at all the underwritten “wife” roles in most other comedies. Take note, Sandler.

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“Neighbors”: Guess who’s coming to our toga party?


“Neighbors” opens Friday at Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema and Sundance. R, 1:36, three stars out of four.

The marketing department at Universal Pictures must have flipped out when they heard about the premise of “Neighbors.” A fraternity house living next to a house with new parents? They’d be able to get both college students and twentysomething couples on date night in the theater on date night!

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