“It Felt Like Love”: The lamb tries to chase the wolves


“It Felt Like Love” screens for FREE at the UW-Cinematheque, 4070 Vilas Hall, 821 University Ave. at 7 p.m. Friday, and writer-director Eliza Hittman will take part in a post-show Q&A via Skype. Not rated, 1:22, two and a half stars out of four.

The dread that parents might feel about what their “little girl” is up to at night gets full flower in Eliza Hittman’s disturbing feature “It Felt Like Love.” Lila, at 14, is bombarded by imagery that sexualizes young women, from the lyrics on the rap songs she listens to to the suggestive dance routine her classmates rehearse. And then there are the boys, teenagers who are relentlessly charming in their quest to coax their girlfriends into bed.

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