Instant Gratification: “Amy” and four other good movies new to streaming in February


Pick of the week: “Amy” (Amazon Prime) — The Oscar-nominated documentary looks at the short, tragic life of singer Amy Winehouse, and the people around her (including the public) who helped enable her downfall.

World of Tomorrow” (Netflix) — Don Hertzfeldt’s 17-minute sci-fi film beat out many feature films to land on a lot of critics’ Top 10 lists last year, and with good reason. Just as the visuals mix trippy abstract designs with stick figures, the film mixes heady predictions of the future with poignant and funny ruminations on what it means to be human, and mortal. Watch it and rewatch it.

Full Metal Jacket” (Netflix) — Stanley Kubrick goes to Vietnam with his 1987 adaptation of Gustav Hasford’s novel “The Short-Timers,” showing how war turns boys into killing machines.

“Blood Simple” (Hulu) — The Coen Brothers’ debut film is a crisp and funny Texas noir full of double crosses, bodies that won’t stay dead and terrific tracking shots. If you buy the “Inside Llewyn Davis” Criterion Blu-ray  you can see the Coens talk about the film at length with Guillermo Del Toro.

“The Madness of King George” (Hulu) — The late Nigel Hawthorne is wonderful as as King George III, who begins exhibiting signs of madness that threaten to topple the throne. As his loyalists attempt to keep his political enemies from seizing advantage, a doctor (Ian Holm) uses unorthodox methods to try and treat the monarch.



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