Instant Gratification: “High Fidelity” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “High Fidelity — Lloyd Dobler will always be the iconic John Cusack role, but running a close second is a thirtysomething Chicago record store owner who finally learns he can achieve maturity and true love without giving up his massive record collection. Whitney Houston fans might not be so enamored, however, especially with Jack Black’s star-making role as a judgmental employee.

Antarctica: A Year on IceMy full review is here. Cool off this summer by watching this gorgeous and engrossing documentary about the lifers who live year-round at McMurdo Station. Made by a technician who lived there for years, the film mixes breathtaking scenery with insight into what kind of person would devote themselves to such a strange existence.

The Great Escape — One of the most rewatchable movies in history, John Sturges’ all-star adventure about a daring plan to escape a German camp is perfect for a lazy afternoon’s viewing.

Remote Area MedicalMy full review is here. Hundreds of people camp out overnight at a NASCAR speedway — not to see a race or meet their heroes, but to get free medical care from an outfit that used to work in Third World countries, but now focuses on poor America where health care is scarce. This documentary shows how essential affordable health care is, and how something as simple as the right pair of eyeglasses can change a life.

Primer — Shane Carruth’s sci-fi film combines heady ideas and intricate plotting with a shoestring budget, as two buddies who build a time machine in their garage find their invention spiralling out of control. At some point, the line “I’m so hungry, I haven’t eaten since tomorrow afternoon” will make perfect sense to you.



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