Instant Gratification: “The Babadook” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix


The Instant Gratification column took the week off while I was immersed in covering the 2015 Wisconsin Film Festival (check out all my reviews here.) But it’s back, headed by one of the best horror films in recent  years.

Pick of the week: “The BabadookMy full review is here. There may be nothing scarier than being a parent, as shown by this wonderful Australian horror film in which a harried single mother comes across a mysterious pop-up book that tells of a fearsome creature menacing a family . . . very much like hers.

They Came Together” — My full review is here. A satire of romantic comedies might seem a little pedestrian, but writer-director David Wain and stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler take malicious glee in tearing apart the sexist, classist ridiculousness of the genre.

Winnebago Man” — My full review is here. A documentarian attempts to track down the star of a series of viral videos in this funny but also sort of poignant documentary for the “Found Footage Festival” crowd.

Crank” — My full review is here. It’s like “Speed,” but Jason Statham is the bus, as he plays a criminal who must keep his heart rate above a certain level or die. It’s demented, depraved and probably bad for your soul, but a lot of fun if you’re in the right mindset.

Hot Fuzz” — Edgar Wright sends up both action movies and Agatha Christie village mysteries in one bloody fell swoop. The middle film of the “Cornetto Trilogy” with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


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