Instant Gratification: “Snowpiercer” and four other good movies just added to Netflix Instant


Snowpiercer” — My full review is here. Bong Joon-ho’s wildly imaginative sci-fi epic, in which what remains of humanity is crammed aboard a supertrain endlessly circling a frozen Earth, starts off as an action film and turns into a surreal allegory that would make Terry Gilliam proud.

Phase IV” — Legendary movie poster and credits designer Saul Bass made only one film as a director, but it’s hard to forget, a loopy, nutty sci-fi film about scientists at war with super-intelligent ants. Read my story about a screening attended by star Michael Murphy here. 

Kingpin” — The Farrelly Brothers’ riotous and raunchy twist on sports movies pits disgraced pro bowler Woody Harrelson and his dim-witted protege Randy Quaid against old nemesis Bill Murray.

Arachnophobia” — Jeff Daniels tries to save his town from a giant spider invasion (giant in terms of numbers, not size) in this fun and inventive thriller that uses a lot of real creepy-crawlies to great effect.

The Rocketeer” — Joe Johnston’s loving ode to the movie serials of old features Billy Campbell as a jet-packed hero doing battle with an Errol Flynn-like Nazi spy (a great Timothy Dalton).


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