Instant Gratification: “In a World . . .” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “In A World . . .My full review is here. Lake Bell wrote, directed and starred in this sly comedy about a female voiceover artist trying to make it in a male-dominated profession. It’s very funny, but also has a lot to say about the need for women to find their “voice.”

Galaxy Quest — By Grabthar’s Hammer, this 1999 sci-fi comedy about the cast of a “Star Trek”-like TV show who get plopped into a real interstellar war is fantastic, so funny and even affectionate in celebrating and tweaking Trekdom.

Watermark” — My full review is here. This gorgeous documentary from the makers of “Manufactured Landscapes” features panoramic shots featuring water, from gigantic rice paddies to tributaries drying up in the desert, to show how humans use (and misuse) such a precious resource.

Alice — Netflix put a few early Woody Allen movies back up in October, including this elegant 1990 drama starring Mia Farrow as a repressed wife who looks for happiness in an affair.

Chicken Run” — I heard one person compare “Boxtrolls” to “Chicken Run,” which is all I need to hear. Aardman Animation’s hilarious reimagining of “The Great Escape” as a barnyard comedy is a blast.



chicken run


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