Instant Gratification: “The Grandmaster” and four other good movies to stream on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “The Grandmaster” — Just like Ang Lee did with “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Wong Kar-Wai (“In the Mood for Love”) tries his hand at the martial arts movie, and the results are similarly ravishing, as the famed Ip Man faces a rival as the Japanese invasion of China looms.

Barton Fink” — One of the Coen Brothers’ best films (and that’s saying something) is this dark Hollywood tale of a man-of-the-people playwright (John Turturro) who finds more real life than he bargained for when he’s hired to write a “wrestling picture.”

The Pool” — Milwaukee filmmaker Chris Smith (“American Movie”) threw a real curveball in this gently moving India-set tale of a boy who comes to work for a rich family with secrets.

Camille Claudel 1915” — My full review is here. Juliette Binoche is fearless as the famed painter, incarcerated in an asylum for 20 years that she may or may not be suited for, in this austere and heady drama.

Mr. Nobody” — My full review is here. Jared Leto, who just won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club,” stars in this uneven but wildly stylish sci-fi film about a man who skips across several possible timelines that stretch into the far future and back again.


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