Instant Gratification: “Gattaca” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “Gattaca — Every time Andrew Niccol makes another movie, I hope that he’s made another film worthy of his 1997 sci-fi classic, set in a modern society where your life is predetermined by your genetics. It’s a great combination of style, ideas and action — a formula Niccol has never been able to replicate (“In Time”?)

Family film of the week: “Turbo — I didn’t like the “Cars” movies, but “Cars” with snails? Surprisingly, this derivative film is still plenty entertaining — I especially liked that it’s set in a realistic Latino neighborhood — and I was surprisingly invested on who crossed that finish line.

Comedy of the week: “American DreamzMy full review is here. This 2006 satire already seems pretty dated, but it’s still very funny, as an al-Qaeda agent plots to blow himself and the President up on an “American Idol”-type show. Only he finds himself just as susceptible to dreams of fame and fortune as the other contestants.

Documentary of the week: “BhuttoMy report from the 2010 Milwaukee Film Festival is here. This fascinating film looks into the recent politics of Pakistan, and the country’s struggle between democracy and dictatorship led to the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Action film of the week: “Bad Boys” — The Michael Bay film that started the Bay Era, as Will Smith and Michael Lawrence fight bad guys in Miami in ways that will inspire “Hot Fuzz” a decade later.

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