Instant Gratification Special Polar Vortex Edition: Five warm-weather movies to stream on Netflix Instant


With the “Polar Vortex” gripping the Midwest, a lot of people are hunkered down in their homes waiting for the thermometer to rocket back up to 0 degrees, and wondering if spring will ever come.

Luckily, the movies provide us with proof that the seasons do change, and this too shall pass. So, to help you get through, this is a special bonus edition of “Instant Gratification,” featuring five warm-weather movies sure to lift your spirits.

Or you could watch “The Day After Tomorrow” and be grateful, at least, that the Statue of Liberty isn’t hip-deep in frost.

The Talented Mr. Ripley” —  A summer vacation in Italy sounds perfect right about now, especially in the company of Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon, right? Just don’t suggest to Matt that it might be time to go home soon.

Beach Blanket Bingo” — Sandy hijinks from Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in this ’50s romp, which also includes cameos from Don Rickles and Buster Keaton?

My Summer of Love” — Yes, the British have summer too, as evidenced by this 2004 drama, as two teenage girls (including a young Emily Blunt) have their friendship tested by the presence of an older man.

Blue Hawaii” — Chad’s mom wants him to run the family pineapple business, but all Chad wants to do is sing, chase girls and sing some more. Because he’s Elvis.

The Core” — You could really warm yourself up by watching this cheesy but fun 2003, in which scientists travel to the white-hot center of the earth to save the planet. Because nothings beats the icy chill like hot liquid magma.

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