Instant Gratification: “C.O.G.” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “C.O.G.” — David Sedaris fans will want to check out this big-screen fictionalized adaptation of one of his essays, as an arrogant Yalie (Jonathan Groff of “Frozen”) spends the summer picking apples with the common people in Oregon.

Drama of the week: “Wish You Were Here”My full review is here. Joel Edgerton is an Australian man trying to hide the secret of what happened to a missing friend in Thailand. The mystery is easily solved by the audience, but Edgerton’s uncharacteristically nervous performance is effective.

War film of the week: “Apocalypse Now Redux” — Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic now has several bonus scenes woven in, including a surreal visit to a French plantation. The original theatrical version is also streaming.

Comedy of the week: “But I’m a Cheerleader” — As a Broadway musical is in the works, it’s time to revisit this hilariously arch satire of gay “re-programming” therapy, starring RuPaul and Natasha Lyonne.

Western of the week: “Dances with Wolves” — Kevin Costner’s directorial debut seemed a little overblown at the time, but now having seen “The Postman,” the 1990 epic is a sweeping revisionist Western with lots of memorable moments.

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