“Escape From Tomorrow,” “I’m So Excited” part of next Sundance Screening Room series


When I first heard about “Escape From Tomorrow” premiering at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, I naturally assumed I would never get a chance to see it. An edgy, hallucinatory drama shot secretly on the grounds of Disneyland? The mouse-eared attorneys from Magic Kingdom would surely shut that down faster than you can say “It’s a Small World.”

But not only has “Escape” escaped legal threats, but it’s opening Oct. 10 at Sundance Cinemas as part of the next round of its Screening Room series, setting aside Theater 1 for weeklong runs of independent, foreign and documentary films. This upcoming series is only five films instead of the usual eight, presumably because we’re getting into Oscar season, and the theater will want to have all six screens available for some fall heavyweight films.

So here’s the just-released schedule. I plan on hosting a Screening Room chat for at least one of these, so watch this space for more information:

“Fill the Void” (starts this Friday, Sept. 27) — This drama by and about Orthodox Jews looks at a young woman who, after her sister dies, is asked to marry her widower.

Parkland” (Oct. 3) — This ensemble drama (Zac Efron, Paul Giamatti, Marcia Gay Harden) looks at ordinary people in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Escape from Tomorrow” (Oct. 10) — A father finds his sanity challenged when he learns he’s lost his job right before taking his children to the Magic Kingdom.

I Used to Be Darker” (Oct. 17) — Writer-director Matt Porterfield brought his first film “Hamilton” to the Wisconsin Film Festival years ago, and now has a new drama, about a runaway teen who enters the lives of a troubled family.

I’m So Excited” (Oct. 24) — Pedro Almodovar returns to the brightly-colored comedies of his earlier days in this film about the crew and passengers of a jet airliner who, facing a potentially dire situation, decide to embrace life rather than worry about death.

One thought on ““Escape From Tomorrow,” “I’m So Excited” part of next Sundance Screening Room series

  1. Why does Sundance’s web site make it so hard to find out when movies like this are coming? They bury the Screening Room showings in an Adobe Acrobat file…your blog was the only way I could locate where and perhaps when I’m So Excited is coming to Madison! It’s not on their “Coming Soon” list…

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