Instant Gratification: “The Interrupters” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix right now


It’s the beginning of July, and at the start of the month a lot of new movies usually go up on Netflix Instant. This time around it looks like a bonanza of good films from the ’70s and ’80s just became available along with some newer ones.

Pick of the week: “The Interrupters” — This documentary from Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) was one of my favorite films of 2011, an intimate look inside crime in inner-city Chicago through the eyes of ex-gang members who now work to prevent violence before it starts. It will change the way you look at inner-city crime — how it starts, and how it might be stopped.

Thriller of the week: “The Parallax View” — One of the great conspiracy thrillers of the ’70s stars Warren Beatty as a journalist looking into an assassination, and uncovering a sinister cabal that seems to control all aspects of public life. Highly recommended.

Western of the week: “Breakheart Pass” — I’m a sucker for this 1974 film, as much mystery as Western, as Charles Bronson plays a prisoner on a train heading to a remote outpost and finds few people on the train are really what they say. Including himself.

Drama of the week: “The Boxer” — This film from director Jim Sheridan (“My Left Foot”) has a great performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as a former IRA member trying to go straight and open a gym for Irish youth, but is bedeviled by his past.

Animated film of the week: “Tokyo Godfathers” — In this gorgeous anime remake of the Western “Three Godfathers,” three oddballs find an abandoned baby and try to track down its parents.

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