“Breakup at a Wedding”: Here comes the bride’s neuroses

breakupataweddingBack in April, one of the highlights of the Mini_Indie Film Festival at the UW’s Union South was a pre-release screening of a comedy called “Breakup at a Wedding,” with some of the creators and cast in attendance. By all accounts it was a raucous and successful affair (“They’re laughing like hell at the breakup scene? I love these sick bastard Wisconsinites!” tweeted writer/producer Anna Martemucci (@annamartemucci) during the screening.)

If you missed it, the movie’s out Tuesday on video-on-demand services and available on iTunes, and is a pretty funny R-rated comedy. It should be a mandatory stress-reduction technique for anybody currently in the throes of planning their own summer wedding.

Alison (Alison Fyrhie) and Phil (Philip Quinaz) see their impending nuptuals bearing down on them like a freight train — she is an undiagnosed Bridezilla, while he is already betrothed to his iPhone. Before the wedding, the pressure comes to a head and they decide they really shouldn’t get married. But since the flowers are bought and everyone’s RSVPed, why not go through with it anyway? How else are they going to score an ice cream maker?

Of course, mishap piles upon mishap, from the groom’s plans to switch his best man at the last minute, to the bride’s half-assing her personal vows, to a fight with a rival wedding party over free booze at the reception. The trick to “Wedding” is that it’s all presented mockumentary style, as if this was the raw footage from the wedding videos. It works pretty well, although I was pretty annoyed at the videographer’s voiceover explanations at the beginning (the last thing a movie that shows people acting ridiculous needs is a narrator saying “Aren’t these people acting ridiculous?”).

But the film is genuinely funny, builds effectively to its big laughs at the end, and manages to inject just enough sweetness among the cynicism about the outrageous expense and lavishness of modern weddings. If you think you might laugh at a breakup scene yourself, check it out.

One thought on ““Breakup at a Wedding”: Here comes the bride’s neuroses

  1. Excellent stuf. A group of us have taken to watching B movies, for a laugh, on a Sunday night. I got the job recently of finding more movies and was shocked when I looked online that 5 of the top ten were films I genuinely love. How is Warriors a B movie?
    Al the best

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