Instant Gratification: “A Most Violent Year” and four other good movies to watch on Amazon Prime and Netflix


Pick of the Week: “A Most Violent Year” (Amazon Prime) — J.C. Chandor’s thriller about an ambitious heating oil salesman (Oscar Isaac) who tries to keep his hands clean (or clean enough) in a world of crime and corruption owes an obvious debt to great ’70s films by Sidney Lumet, Francis Ford Coppola and William Friedkin. But its exploration of the intersection between capitalism and morality seems utterly relevant in an age of “Corporations are people too, my friends.”

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“Welcome To Me”: Living your best life, as long as it’s on TV


“Welcome To Me” opens Friday at Star Cinema. R, 1:27, four stars out of four.

Every generation gets the “Network” it deserves. For ours, obsessed with self-actualization, fame and personal branding, we get the disturbingly funny satire “Welcome To Me.”

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