Gone in an Instant: Five great movies leaving Netflix at the end of October


Each week, the Instant Gratification column runs down five good movies new to Netflix that you ought to check out. But the news isn’t all good. As the streaming site adds more and more movies and TV shows each week to its lineup, it quietly drops others, usually at the end of the month.

So “Gone in an Instant” is a monthly column highlighting a few good movies that you’ve only got a few days left to see before they disappear from sight. Don’t dilly-dally.

Fargo” — Netflix and chill (get it, because it’s winter in Minnesota) with the Coen Brothers’ upper Midwestern noir masterpiece, starring Oscar winner Francis McDormand as a good-hearted small-town police chief unraveling a kidnapping that a shifty car dealer (William H. Macy) is somehow entangled in. The FX show is good, but can’t compete with the original.

Changing Lanes” — I think this 2002 drama is tremendously underrated, as Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson give some career-high performances as motorists whose highway feud escalates into a dangerous game of tit-for-tat.

House of Flying Daggers” — Zhang Zimou’s absolutely gorgeous take on the martial arts genre features some beautifully staged wuxia action, including a climactic duel that conjures up a raging snowstorm.

Stand by Me” — Ooh, just got a little lump in my throat typing that title, as Rob Reiner turns Stephen King’s “The Body” into an achingly moving film about childhood, friendship and loss.

The Blues Brothers” — There’s almost too much movie in John Landis’ overstuffed ode to Chicago and the blues — too many musical numbers, too many cameos, too many car chases — but what’s there is classic, and Jake and Elwood Blues remain indelible comic creations.