Instant Gratification: “Wild Canaries” and four other good movies new to Netflix and Amazon Prime


Wild Canaries” (Netflix) — My full review is here. It’s like Woody Allen’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery” set among the artisanal cupcake set, as a Brooklyn couple try to figure out who killed the elderly lady in their building. It’s lightweight, fizzy fun, an homage to screwball comedies of the days of yore.

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“Slow West”: Oh give me a home, where the kiwi roam


“Slow West” is now playing on DirecTV and on video-on-demand. R, 1:24, three and a half stars out of four.

The movie is filmed in New Zealand, starring two Australian actors and an Irish actor, and was written and directed by a Scotsman.
So, of course, “Slow West” is a Western.

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“Frank”: How to get a head in the music business


“Frank” is now available on iTunes and VOD. R, 1:35, three and a half stars out of four.

The old rule in Hollywood is that if you have a handsome movie star in the lead role, don’t obscure his features. No mustaches, no beards, no fake noses.

And one would presume that a giant papier-mache head would also be right out.

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