Instant Gratification: “Thanks for Sharing” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: “Thanks for Sharing” — My full review is here. While “Shame” turned sex addiction into an epic tragedy, “Thanks For Sharing” is a refreshingly grounded comedy-drama that treats it like any other addiction. Mark Ruffalo is a five years “sober” addict trying to start a new relationship with cancer survivor Gwyneth Paltrow, while Josh Gad is a straight-up perv trying to get its life in order. I’d say it’s about two-thirds drama, one-third comedy and generally appealing.

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“Capital”: Costa-Gavras tries to topple a House of (Debit) Cards


The 2008 financial meltdown is a tricky subject for a filmmaker to tackle — the reckless and greedy actions of a few financiers, and the lack of consequences they faced when it all blew up in their faces, remains one of the defining chapters in the new century. And yet few have access to their world, and even fewer understand how it works and how it went wrong (including the finance players themselves). As John Oliver said on “Last Week” a couple of weeks ago about net neutrality: “If you want to do something evil, hide it inside something boring.”

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