In “Birdman,” “Big Eyes” and “Top Five,” everybody’s a critic (hater)


Everybody’s a critic these days at the movies. Or, at least, everybody’s a critic hater. For some reason, three of the top movies released in the last couple of months have prominent and pretty unflattering roles for critics — New York Times critics in particular. Did the Old Grey Lady do something to tick off Hollywood?

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“Big Eyes”: In Tim Burton’s quirky indie, the eyes have it


“Big Eyes” is now playing at Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema and Sundance. PG-13, 1:44, three stars out of four.

“Big Eyes” is both the least Tim Burton-y film that Tim Burton has ever made and the most Tim Burton-y film he’s ever made. Least, in that the brightly-colored pastel palette of the film doesn’t contain a drop of darkness or CGI trickery. Most, in that it celebrates the life of an outsider artist without worrying about whether the art was actually any good or not.

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