Instant Gratification: “Sicario” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime


Pick of the Week: “Sicario (Amazon Prime) — This stomach-churning action-thriller offers a neat bit of misdirection, as a rising star FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is brought into a mysterious task force fighting Mexican drug cartels, led by a flip-flop wearing government agent (Josh Brolin) and his mysterious advisor (Benicio Del Toro). She doesn’t know who she can trust, and neither do we, as her attempts to bring moral clarity to the fight are swamped in a world of corruption and violence on all sides.

Dheepan” (Netflix) — My full review is here. Jacques Audiard (“Rust and Bone”) cast mostly non-actors in this drama about a formerly Sri Lankan soldier who emigrates to France under false pretenses, and ends up in a war with the gangs running the apartment complex where he’s employed as caretaker.

Ghost Town” (Netflix) — Writer-director David Koepp’s charmer is an ode to screwball supernatural comedies of the ’40s, as an abrasive New Yorker who finds he can communicate with the recently deceased — and they all want something from him.

Happy People: A Year on the Taiga” (Netflix) — My full review is here. Netflix posted a bunch of new Werner Herzog films this month, including this Russian documentary (which Herzog produced and narrated) about a group of Siberian people living a harsh, austere, but strangely content life on the tundra.

Dazed and Confused” (Netflix) — Richard Linklater’s ridiculously quotable ode to ’70s high school life got a spiritual sequel of sorts in this year’s college romp “Everybody Wants Some!!” but it’s harder to top the original. You get older, and it still stays the same age.

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