Gone in an Instant: Five great movies leaving Netflix at the end of November


Got some extra time this Thanksgiving weekend with the family? Good, because you’ll want to curl up and catch up on some classic movies that are leaving Netflix as of Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The end of the month is the time that Netflix usually quietly disposes of movies in its catalog, while it adds new movies and TV shows constantly. This monthly column draws attention to five good ones that you really ought to catch if you haven’t yet.

And, unfortunately, this month is especially painful for cinephiles, as Netflix is jettisoning quite a few classic movies that I’m sorry to see go. Looking ahead to December’s lineup of new movies, it seems like we’re losing some great films and getting some fine but lesser-known new indies in their place. This may continue to be the case as studios like Paramount and Warner Bros. start setting up their own independent streaming sites and want to hang onto their best films.

All I can say is, be thankful you’ve got a few more days to see these.

The Silence of the Lambs” — That’s right, if it wasn’t bad enough that “Hannibal” fans had to endure the cancellation of their favorite show, now Netflix is losing Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-winning 1991 adaptation of Thomas Harris’ thriller, featuring the duel of wits between FBI agent Clarice Starling and unorthodox gourmand Hannibal Lecter. Although it may be the ideal film to watch while eating leftovers.

The Great Escape” — One of the most watchable movies ever made, this John Sturges adventure film features an all-star cast (Richard Attenborough, James Garner, and the iconic Steve McQueen) as American and British POWs in World War planning a daring escape from their internment camp.

Insomnia” — One of Christopher Nolan’s most underrated films, this 2002 thriller stars Al Pacino hunting a killer (Robin Williams) in remote Alaska, only to find his own sins and guilt complicating the investigation.

Get Low” — Make sure to see this terrific drama from 2010, starring Robert Duvall as a Depression-era hermit who comes out of hiding to throw himself a funeral party. Featuring a fine, understated performance by Bill Murray as the local undertaker who’s just happy to have the work.

Cop Land” — Sylvester Stallone effectively tries playing a regular guy in this 1997 thriller, a small-town sheriff who becomes entangled with a web of corrupt New York cops in the New Jersey suburb he patrols.

Also leaving on December 1: “Batman Begins,” “All About Eve,” “The Dark Crystal,” “Labyrinth,” “K-19: The Widowmaker,” “The Hustler,” ‘The Omen” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

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