Instant Gratification: “Life Partners” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix


The start of a new month means a whole mess o’ new movies arriving on Netflix. Some of these I swear have been on Netflix before, but, either way, they’re here now!

Pick of the week: “Life PartnersMy full review is here. In this very funny comedy about female friendship, Gillian Jacobs and Leighton Meester play lifelong buds whose bond is tested when Jacobs falls into a serious relationship. The fact that one of the two friends is gay is the source of some gags but is otherwise refreshingly irrelevant.

Unbreakable” — Hey, remember when you would get excited at the idea of a new M. Night Shyamalan movie? It was a while ago, I know. I loved his riff on the superhero origin story even more than “The Sixth Sense,” as Bruce Willis plays a security guard with hidden powers that get drawn out by a mysterious comic-book store owner (Samuel L. Jackson).

This is Spinal Tap” — I could just use this space to quote lines from the best mockumentary every made, or I could just tell you that if you haven’t seen Rob Reiner’s send up of aging metal bands, you should, and if you have, you should once again.

Three Kings” — “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” goes to Desert Storm in David O. Russell’s action satire about soldiers searching for a fortune in the middle of Iraq.

The Last Samurai” — Aside from a ridiculous ending, I enjoyed this historical action drama, in which Tom Cruise is a disgraced Civil War soldier who comes to advise Japanese soldiers in the ways of modern combat and ends up leading a rebellion.


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