Instant Gratification: “Election” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the Week: “Election — Tracy Flick would have turned up her nose at the messy, careless Cheryl Strayed, but after seeing Reese Witherspoon’s tour de force in “Wild,” it’s fun to go back and see her in Alexander Payne’s 1999 comedy about a driven high school student and the teacher (Matthew Broderick) determined to stop her.

Cast Away” — Either the greatest product placement for a sporting goods company ever or a thrilling adventure starring Tom Hanks as a schlub stranded on a desert island for four years. Damned if he doesn’t make you cry over a stupid volleyball.

The French Connection” — Popeye’s here, as William Friedkin’s iconic action thriller is back on Netflix Instant. It still has the gold standard for car chases.

Snatch” — Guy Ritchie’s follow-up to “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” is too convoluted by half, but still has a lot of fun moments, especially Brad Pitt as a loopy, unintelligible boxer.

Mystic River” — Clint Eastwood took Dennis Lehane’s novel about three childhood friends reunited by murder and made it a haunting meditation on fate and loyalty.



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