Instant Gratification: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s and four other good movies to watch on Netflix


Pick of the week: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” — If you can get past Mickey Rooney’s incredibly racist performance as a Japanese landlord (just wow), this Truman Capote-penned film giving Audrey Hepburn one of her best roles as a party girl in no hurry to settle down, until a writer (George Peppard) finds the real woman behind the dazzle.

“The Music Never Stopped”My full review is here. Watching the documentary “Alive Inside” (opening Friday at Sundance) reminded me of this 2009 drama, in which J.K. Simmons plays a father who uses music (especially The Dead) to connect with his brain-damaged runaway son.

The Firm” — The first John Grishma adaptation remains the best, as Sydney Pollack turned Grisham’s potboiler about a hotshot  young lawyer (Tom Cruise) working for a shady firm into a smart and elegant thriller. Great supporting performances from the likes of Gene Hackman and Holly Hunter, along with the most menacing Wilford Brimley will ever be in a movie.

“Chuck and Buck” — “Enlightened” creator Mike White wrote and stars in this film about a creepy man-child who goes looking for his old childhood friend in Los Angeles.

Hugo” — Martin Scorsese wore his love of old-movies on his sleeve in this fable about an orphaned boy living at a Paris train station who befriends an old shopkeeper who just happens to be one of the greats of silent cinema.

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