Join me at Sundance to talk about “Pay 2 Play” and “Listen Up Philip”

A protestor stands on a mock Monopoly game board on the street during May Day demonstrations in Los Angeles

I mentioned a little while back that Sundance Cinemas was restarting its Screening Room calendar this fall, and with it I’d be hosting post-show chats for a couple of the films. Well, I’ve figured out when those chats are going to be — and one of them I’m particularly excited about.

On Tuesday, Sept. 30, I’ll be hosting a chat after the early evening screening of “Pay 2 Play,” a documentary about how money has become such a driving force in politics — if you don’t have a private fortune to draw from as a candidate (and even if you do), prepare to spend a lot of time fundraising and listening to deep-pocketed special interests.

It should be a lively chat anyway, but I’ve got something extra special lined up. John Nichols of The Nation and the Capital Times is featured prominently in the film, and he’s generously agreed to take part in the Sept. 30 chat. I figure he’ll talk about the political issues brought up in the film, while I’ll talk more about the film itself, and how documentaries can illuminate and educate in ways that journalism can’t.

It’ll be a joint event sponsored by the Capital Times, and should be a really fun night, and we’re expecting a big crowd, so much so that the plan is to hold the discussion in the theater rather than the Overflow Bar as usual. I’ll keep you posted on any more details as they come up.

The other talk will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 28 for “Listen Up Philip,” Alex Ross Perry’s acerbic comedy about an antagonizing writer (Jason Schwartman) and the people in his life who have to deal with him. That one will be back in the Overflow Bar. Hope you can join me for one or both of them!


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