Instant Gratification: “Enemy” and four other good movies to watch on Amazon Prime and Netflix


Well, this could get complicated. Up until now this weekly column has focused exclusively on Netflix, since they’ve usually been the one to get the jump on new releases, with Amazon Prime and Hulu focusing more on television. But then I saw Amazon Prime is releasing “Enemy,” part of an exclusive new deal it struck with the studio A24. So I’m going to start broadening the column from here on out to include other streaming platforms. Hopefully, this won’t get too confusing.

Pick of the week: “Enemy” (Amazon Prime) — My full review is here. Canadian director Denis Villeneuve reteamed with Jake Gyllenhaal after “Prisoners” in this unsettling tale of a meek history professor who finds out he has an exact doppelganger, a cocky young actor. As they wrestle over who is the “real” self, Villeneuve bathes the film in a sense of dread that’s Cronenerberg-esque.

Rounders” (Netflix) —  Matt Damon and Edward Norton have great chemistry in this immensely enjoyable 1998 thriller about two ace poker players who get in deep with an Oreo-loving Russian mobster (John Malkovich, of course).

The Conqueror Worm” (Netflix) — This 1968 British film is a very different kind of horror film for Vincent Price, who plays a Grand Inquisitor who uses his power to terrorize a small village in 17th century England.

Mean Creek” (Netflix) — A group of kids try to play a prank on an unloved local bully that goes horribly wrong in this tense independent drama.

Rocky” (Netflix) — Still one of the great sports movies of all time, as small-time enforcer Rocky Balboa’s rise to redemption (if not victory) in the boxing ring is full of grit and wit. Netflix also has Rockys II through V available for streaming as well. (Yes, there was a V.)


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