UW Lakeside Cinema’s summer 2014 series feels like the very first time


It’s a summer of sequels — not only “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the sequel to a reboot of a series that already had a “Spider-Man 2,” but “22 Jump Street,” “Step Up All In,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Think Like a Man Too,” “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” “Expendables 3” and more.

So the Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee, which sponsors the Lakeside Cinema free outdoor movie series Monday nights on the UW-Madison Terrace, had an original idea. Why not just show the original movies?

So, the series will kick off at dusk (9 p.m. or so) next Monday, May 26 with the original “Ghostbusters” movie. Granted, there have been only two “Ghostbusters” movies (and I hope it stays that way), but the original is such a cut above the second that it deserves that kickoff slot. Plus, it is the perfect film for the crowds on the Terrace — lots of fun, lots of quotable lines, lots of nostalgia. The organizers usually have trivia contests and other fun giveaways before the film. And it’s free, and it’s out on the Terrace, and it’s summer time.

Here’s the rest of the series. For more information, visit wudfilm.com.

June 2 — “Jurassic Park”

June 9 — “Shrek”

June 16 — “Batman” (the 1989 Tim Burton version, although I really wish they had gone with the 1966 Adam West one)

June 23 — “The Karate Kid”

June 30 — “Toy Story”

July 7 — “Austin Powers”

July 14 — “Rush Hour”

July 21 — “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

July 28 — “Spy Kids”

Aug. 4 — “Jaws”

Aug. 11 — “Grease”

Aug. 18– “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

Aug. 25 — “”Back to the Future”

Sept. 2 — “National Lampoon’s Vacation”

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