What’s playing in Madison theaters: March 14-20, 2014


All week

Need for Speed” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema) — Reviews have been all over the map for this action movie — most critics think it’s a loud, dumb videogame adaptation, but some think it’s a genuinely good film, with real (not CGI) stunts and Aaron Paul in an effective lead role.

The Single Moms’ Club” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema) — Is it a good thing or a bad thing if Tyler Perry directs a movie and doesn’t put his name before the title? I don’t think I’ll ever find out.

Veronica Mars” (Star Cinema) — You wanted it, you Kickstarted it, you got it as the cult TV show gets a big-screen treatment, as Veronica (Kirsten Bell) returns home from law school to investigate a possible murder, with all your favorite characters as suspects.

Tim’s Vermeer” (Sundance) — My full review is here. Penn & Teller make an unexpected and fascinating documentary about an inventor friend of theirs who became obsessed with Vermeer’s work, and determined to paint a Vermeer himself.

Better Living Through Chemistry” (Sundance) — My full review is here. The “Sam Rockwell is good in everything” truism is sorely tested in this wan comedy noir, with Rockwell playing a frustrated pharmacist who falls for a scheming housewife (Olivia Wilde).


Bugs Bunny Forever” (7 p.m., UW Cinematheque, 4070 Vilas Hall) — Bring the kids to see the latest in the C’tek’s restoration series, a collection of classic Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts restored to their original sidesplitting lustre. FREE!

Watchtower” (7 p.m., Madison Public Library Pinney Branch, 204 Cottage Grove Road) — Two Turkish citizens who have isolated themselves following traumatic events make a hesitant connection in this drama. FREE!

Pulp Fiction” (8:30 p.m., Majestic Theatre, 115 King St.) — It’s coming up on 20 years for Quentin Tarantino’s wildly entertaining, bloody, time hopping masterpiece. Admission is just $5.


Walking With Dinosaurs” (10 a.m., Point and Eastgate) — The BBC series was a landmark broadcast, but this attempt to cash-in with a lame kids’ film tanked with old and young alike. Two dollars, though.

Chocolat” (7 p.m., UW Cinematheque) — Not the fanciful romance where Johnny Depp plays a gypsy, this Claire Denis drama continues her fascination with Africa in telling the story of an immigrant who returns home to Cameroon. FREE!


Walking With Dinosaurs” (11 a.m., Point and Eastgate) — See Saturday listing.


Rear Window” (2 p.m., Chazen Museum of Art, 800 University Ave.) — This just played last week at Sundance, and the classic Hitchcock thriller with James Stewart as a laid-up photographer who thinks he witnesses a murder is now part of the Cinematheque at the Chazen Hitch series. FREE!

The Men of Dodge City” and “The Other Men of Dodge City” (7 p.m., UW Cinematheque) — The latest installment of the Micro-Wave Cinema series features two cuts of the same film, with a post-show chat (via Skype) with the filmmakers afterwards. FREE!

We Do It” (8 p.m., Majestic Theatre) — Alumni Boardshop presents its fourth skateboarding documentary, shot right here in Madison. A $5 donation goes towards the Madison Skatepark Fund, and DJ Vilas Park Sniper will provide the tunes before and after the show.


Cabaret” (Monday through Thursday, Point and Eastgate) — Marcus Theatres’ musical March continues with Bob Fosse’s adaptation of the musical about a nightclub in pre-World War II Germany.

How to Live Forever” (2 p.m., Madison Public Library Alicia Ashman Branch, 733 N. High Point Blvd.) — This documentary interviews vibrant seniors to get their secrets on longevity, including 94-year-old fitness expert Jack Lalanne. FREE!


The Grapes of Wrath” (1:25 p.m. and 6:40 p.m. Wednesday, Sundance Cinemas) — Whenever there’s a John Ford adaptation of a John Steinbeck classic, I’ll be there. Whenever Henry Fonda stars as Tom Joad and gives a famous closing speech, I’ll be there too, Ma.


Roller Boogie” (7 p.m., Madison Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin St.) — It’s still too slushy and cold to get out those rollerblades, so do the next best thing with Bad Cinema’s latest offering,

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