What’s playing in Madison theaters, Feb. 28-March 6


All week

The Wind Rises” (Point) — Don’t miss legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki’s supposedly final film, the true-life story of a nearsighted man who becomes an influential plane designer.

Stalingrad” (Star Cinema) — Russia’s biggest movie moneymaker comes to America for a one-week run in IMAX 3D. Looks like the greatest “Call of Duty” cutscene ever.

Son of God” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema) — The History Channel’s “The Bible” miniseries gets whittled down into a feature film, complete with a hunky Savior.

Non-Stop” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema) — My full review is here. Liam Neeson plays a disgraced air marshal who tries to find a killer on a transatlantic flight in this diverting enough mystery-thriller that you will be unlikely to catch on a plane.

Wadjda” (Sundance) — My full review is here. The first film made in Saudi Arabia tells the story of a plucky girl, a bike, and the adults who she has to circumvent to get it.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues Super-Sized” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema) — I thought the second “Anchorman” movie was plenty long, but an extended R-rated cut is in theaters for one week with 763 bonus jokes.


20 Feet From Stardom” (7 p.m., Union South Marquee Theatre) — An all-musical weekend at the Marquee kicks off the favorite to the Best Documentary Oscar on Sunday tells the tale of backup singers who contributed vocals to many of popular culture’s most iconic songs, often without credit. FREE!

Joi Baba Felunath — The Elephant God” (7 p.m., UW-Cinematheque) — Catch a restored print of  Satyajit Ray’s enjoyably lightweight mystery, as master sleuth Feluda searches for a missing idol. FREE!

Thunder Soul” (7 p.m., Alicia Ashman Public Library, 733 N. High Point Blvd.) — This stirring documentary follows the alumni of a high school jazz band who return home to perform for the influential teacher who broke the color barrier. FREE!


Singin’ in the Rain” (9:30 p.m., Union South Marquee Theatre) — The beloved and high-spirited musical gets a rare big-screen showing. FREE!

Children of Men” (midnight, Union South Marquee Theatre) — Not much singing and dancing in this harrowing dystopian thriller about a world in which no children are born, featuring some masterful long takes from director Alfonso Cuaron. FREE!


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” (10 a.m., Point and Eastgate) — The sequel to the clever animated film features an island overrun by food-creatures and groan-inducing puns. Admission is just $2, and so is popcorn.

Oscar Best Picture Showcase — Day Two” (11:55 a.m., Point and Eastgate) — See five Oscar nominees in a row, including “Her,” “Philomena,” “12 Years a Slave,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “American Hustle.”

2014 Best Picture Showcase — Part 2” (noon, Star Cinema) — Cram for Sunday’s Oscars by catching five Best Picture nominees in a row.

At Berkeley” (1 p.m., UW-Cinematheque) — My full review is here. At 84, Frederick Wiseman goes back to school with this illuminating four-hour documentary looking at life inside one of America’s most prestigious universities. FREE!

Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation, 1963-1970” (2 p.m., Goodman South Madison Library, 2222 S. Park St.) — Kick off Women’s History Month with this documentary looking at pioneers for women’s rights in the 1960s. FREE!

Le Petit Soldat” (7 p.m., UW-Cinematheque) — Jean-Luc Godard’s second feature, banned in France for years, follows a young French soldier who is taking prisoner by the Algerians. FREE!

Sing-Along Mulan” (7 p.m., Union South Marquee Theatre) — Catch Disney’s action-packed 1997 animated film, with lyrics at the bottom to let you sing along. FREE!

Cannibal!: The Musical” (9:30 p.m., Union South Marquee Theatre) — The 1993 cult classic features a lot of singing, a little snowman-building and a healthy dose of people-eating as a tells the musical tale of the Donner Party.. FREE!


“Barbarella” (midnight, Union South Marquee) — Jane Fonda plays a sexy space traveler in this kitschy erotic sci-fi film from 1968. FREE!


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” (11 a.m, Point and Eastgate) — See Saturday listing

Rope” (2 p.m. Chazen Museum of Art, 800 Langdon St.) — Speaking of long takes, Cuaron could take a lesson from Alfred Hitchcock, who appears to shoot this murder tale inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case in one unbroken take. FREE!

Sweeney Todd” (3 p.m., Union South Marquee) — My full review is here. Tim Burton is the perfect choice to bring this bloody musical to the big screen, and he delivers in a fantastic version with Johnny Depp as the “Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” FREE!


Grease” (Monday through Thursday) — Marcus Theatres are also kicking off a month of musicals, beginning with the 1978 John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John film that launched a million karaoke nights. $5 tickets

Ping Pong” (2 p.m., Alicia Ashman Public Library) — This documentary looks at table-tennis players heading to Mongolia for a championship match, and will be followed by a talk on active sports for seniors and Baby Boomers. FREE!


12 Years a Slave” (6:30 p.m., Pinney Public Library Branch) — My full review is here. This Oscar-nominated film is a powerful look at the realities of slavery, as a free man is kidnapped and sold into bondage. FREE!

Broadway Danny Rose” (7 p.m, Union South Marquee Theatre) — Revisit Woody Allen and Mia Farrow in happier times in this 1984 charmer about a talent agent who nurtures some of the worst acts in the business. FREE!


Rear Window” (1:55, 6:55 p.m. Sundance Cinemas) — The Alfred Hitchcock suspense classic features Jimmy Stewart as a laid-up photographer who thinks he’s witnessed a murder across the street.

Viva Riva!” (7 p.m., Union South Marquee Theatre) — A small-time operator returns to Kinshasa in the Congo and becomes enmeshed in the dealings of a local crime lord in this action-packed African film. FREE!


Repulsion” (6:30 p.m., Madison Public Library Central Branch, 201 W. Mifflin St.) — A woman (Catherine Deneuve) is besieged by demons from her past in Roman Polanski’s psychological drama. FREE!


Much Ado About Nothing” (7 p.m., Union South Marquee) — My full review is here. Joss Whedon took a break from filming the first “Avengers” movie to stage Shakespeare’s romantic comedy in his house with a few friends, and the result is one of the most playful and surprisingly thoughtful big-screen Bard films. FREE!

Captain Phillips” (9:30 p.m., Union South Marquee) — My full review is here. Tom Hanks gives one of his best performances as a no-nonsense captain hijacked by Somali pirates in Paul Greengrass’ fact-based thriller. FREE!

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