Instant Gratification: “A Fistful of Dollars” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


The big news on Netflix Instant this week is that the second season of “House of Cards” will drop on Valentine’s Day, so Netflix may understandably not want to detract from the binge-watching with a lot of new movies. Still, here are five recent additions worth your streaming time.

Pick of the week: “A Fistful of Dollars: I highlighted “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” last week, so it’s time to look at Clint Eastwood’s first collaboration with Sergio Leone, a visceral update on “Yojimbo” in which Clint plays two rival gangs off against each other. Now we just need Instant to add “For a Few Dollars More.”

Thriller of the week: “The Usual Suspects“: Get primed for “House of Cards” by seeing Kevin Spacey in his signature role, as one of a group of crooks bedeviled by the mysterious villain Keyser Soze.

Drama of the week: “The Dancer Upstairs: John Malkovich’s one film as a director is this chilling drama with Javier Bardem as a detective trying to track down a Shining Path-like terrorist group in an unnamed Latin American country.

Comedy of the week: “Harold & Maude: A teenager obsessed with death falls for a quirky octogenarian in this counterculture classic.

Foreign film of the week: “Key of Life“: A struggling actor switches places with an amnesiac hitman in this high-energy Japanese comedy.

usual suspects

dancer upstairs

harold and maude

key of life

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