Instant Gratification: “The Act of Killing” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


Pick of the week: The Act of KillingMy full review is here. The best documentary of 2013 is Joshua Oppenheimer’s brutal and fascinating look at the perpetrators of atrocities in Indonesia, now happily living in late middle age. Oppenheimer invites the men to recreate their crimes as if they were characters in a movie, and the result is a chilling look at how individuals and nations process shameful memories.

Documentary of the week: “Trash DanceMy full review is here. In this cheerful and strangely beautiful doc, which played at Madison’s Tales From Planet Earth Environmental Film Festival, an artist organizes sanitation workers and their vehicles into a “garbage truck ballet.”

Foreign film of the week: “Tomboy — A 10-year-old girl moves to a new town and pretends to a boy in this poignant film from France about identity and acceptance.

Comedy of the week: “The Apartment — A young striver (Jack Lemmon) loans out his apartment to the higher-ups in his firm looking for a place to take their mistresses in this acidic Billy Wilder comedy about the American Dream.

Drama of the week: “Changing Lanes — In this underrated 2002 drama, Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson play rival commuters who engage in an increasingly dangerous game of oneupsmanship after a traffic mishap.

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