See “Nosferatu” and help UW-Cinematheque convert to digital

On the Set of "Nosferatu"

You really don’t need an extra reason to see Werner Herzog’s 1979 chiller “Nosferatu” on the big screen, especially with Halloween coming up. The 1979 film is effect both as an homage and an update to the F.X. Murnau silent vampire classic; as UW student Ryan Waal said on the UW-Cinematheque blog, “this film is emotionally expressive and scary in ways most films only aspire to be, and a fantastic demonstration of Herzog’s abilities to curate and display pure weirdness on the screen.”

But Cinematheque is bringing “Nosferatu” for a special screening at Sundance Cinemas on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. for another reason besides trying to give you the creeps. The screening is a fundraiser to raise funds for the Cinematheque, the free on-campus film series, to buy a digital projector for its screening room at 4070 Vilas Hall.

While the series has prided itself on showing 35mm film and will continue to do so, the transition from film to digital is happening rapidly, with studios making fewer and fewer prints of both new and classic films available. “Changes are coming to the Cinematheque that will allow our regular audiences, and audiences for the Wisconsin Film Festival, more opportunities to discover cinema’s past, present, and future,” Cinematheque director Jim Healy wrote. Read about how local drive-in-theaters are trying to stay on top of the digital wave.

Healy has set a target goal of $50,000 for the new projector and digital server, and the Cinematheque has already raised $10,000 towards that goal (to donate without attending the screening, visit Tickets for the screening are $20, and available at this site.

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