Instant Gratification: “Brighton Rock” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix Instant


A new month, a new crop of movies available to stream on Netflix Instant, including a bundle of great ’90s movies.

Pick of the week: “Brighton Rock” — This adaptation of an early Graham Greene novel updates the action to the “mods” vs. “rockers” gang wars of the 1960s, as a ruthless young gangster (Sam Riley) woos an innocent waitress (Andrea Riseborough). The film makes good contrast of its cheery seaside locations against its gritty underworld plot, and Helen Mirren and John Hurt make strong supporting roles.

Comedy of the week: “Fargo” — As we wait for “Inside Llewyn Davis,” it’s a good time to revisit the Coen Brothers’ classic Minnesota noir. It’s also a good way to start bracing ourselves for winter.

Documentary of the week: “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey”My full review is here. This shallow but engaging rockumentary looks at how Journey found its new lead singer, a Filipino cover band singer with an uncanny knack for imitating Steve Perry.

Horror film of the week: “Evil Dead 2” — Bruce Campbell loses a hand and gains some perspective in Sam Raimi’s daffy and grotesque horror comedy.

Drama of the week: “Dark Blue” — Kurt Russell plays well against type as a dirty Los Angeles cop in this thriller, written by James Ellroy and directed by Ron Shelton.

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