What’s playing in Madison theaters, May 24-30, 2013


This is the first week where more than one summer blockbuster sequel is duking it out at the box office for those Memorial Day dollars. Who will win?

All week

Fast & Furious 6″ (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema, Cinema Cafe) — My review is here. Vin, Paul, the Rock and the rest are back in another case of vehicular mayhem. Loud, dumb fun.

The Hangover Part III” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema, Cinema Cafe, Sundance) — While the F&F franchise seemed to hit its stride in “Fast Five,” the “Hangover” seemed creatively exhausted by “Part II.” Maybe that’s why they’ve ditched the “What happened last night?” structure and insisted this will be the last one.

Epic” (Point, Eastgate, Star Cinema, Cinema Cafe) — Movies for little kids are few and far between until school gets out, so they’ll have to be satisfied with this all-star fantasy about a girl who gets shrunk down to the land of insects.

The Iceman” (Point, Eastgate) — Michael Shannon looks appropriately menacing as the title character, a mob hitman with hundreds of kills to his credit, in this fact-based thriller.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist” (Sundance) — My review is here. Mira Nair has made a thoughtful and complex post-9/11 thriller, about a Pakistani man who goes from Wall Street financier to radical Muslim.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (8 p.m., Majestic Theatre) — The very definition of a cult classic, the 1975 musical gets the full treatment here, including appearances by the Velvet Darkness cast in costume and a “virgin sacrifice” before the show. Tickets are $5, which also gets you admission to see the band The Human Aftertaste at 10 p.m., describe as “the only live band and meat canning company in one!”


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” (9 p.m., Memorial Union Terrace) — Even though Steven Spielberg’s enchanting classic just played at Olbrich Park last week as part of the Moonlight Movies series, it’s a fitting kickoff to the Lakeside Terrace “Outta This World” series of outer-space and alien movies. The full schedule is here. Free!

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