Blimey! It’s the Union South British Invasion Film Series, guv’na!


First off, I just want to apologize to every British person everywhere for that headline. But I couldn’t help but go a little overboard with the news that the Union South Marquee Theatre will finish out the semester with a free British Invasion series of films running Wednesday through Sunday.

All screenings take place at the Marquee, 1208 W. Dayton Ave., and are free. Visit for more details.

The Italian Job” (7 p.m. Wednesday) — Not he Mark Wahlberg remake, but the swingin’ 60s classic heist film, with Michael Caine leading an eccentric team and three Mini Coopers on a caper to shut down traffic in Torino and steal some gold.

Tommy” (6:45 p.m. Thursday) — The Who’s phantasmagorical 1975 musical about the kid who plays a mean pinball, featuring an all-star cast of ’70s rockers.

Gimme Shelter” (6:30 p.m. Friday) — The landmark tour documentary follows the Rolling Stones on tour in the late ’60s, up to the notorious Altamont concert where a fan was stabbed to death by a Hell’s Angels member working as a security guard.

Trainspotting” (8:30 p.m. Friday) — Danny Boyle’s breakthrough film about some likable heroin addicts in Edinburgh.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (midnight Friday) — Shall I quote this movie verbatim for you? The British comedy troupe’s hilarious take on the King Arthur legend had that kind of effect on generations of comedy nerds.

“Billy Elliot” (3 p.m. Sunday) — Amid the turmoil of a coal miners’ strike, a young Welsh boy pursues his dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

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