Come have a drink and help me figure out what the hell “Upstream Color” is about


The first two post-show chats at Sundance Cinemas have gone pretty well so far — last month’s talk after “Any Day Now,” coincidentally scheduled the same day as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for and against gay marriage, went quite well.

But I’m really excited for the next one. It’s Shane Carruth’s mindbending “Upstream Color,” a heady film about mind control, true love, and mysterious piglets, and I think it will give us a LOT to talk about. Next Monday, April 22, immediately following the 7:05 p.m. screening at Sundance, we’ll meet over in the theater’s new Overflow Bar (where the gift shop used to be) to try and puzzle out the elliptical and beautiful film together.

It should be lots of fun. Hope you can make it. The next Sundance chat will be for “Lore” some time in May.

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