Talking Wisconsin Film Festival on the Madison Arts Extract podcast


I had a good time talking to the guys at the Madison Arts Extract podcast this week about the movies that have been announced so far for the Wisconsin Film Festival.  Via social media (especially its Facebook account), the festival has named about two dozen of the over 100 titles that have been announced for this year’s fest, which runs Thursday, April 11 through Thursday, April 18.

We talked about a few I’ve already mentioned on the blog, including “Citizen Koch” and “56 Up,” and a few I hadn’t, including “Dear Mr. Watterson,” a documentary about the creator of “Calvin & Hobbes” that has my vote for most “huggable” film of the festival, and “Phase IV,” an arty sci-fi movie about human-ant relations that is the sole film directed by Saul Bass, the creator of legendary opening-credits sequences for films like “Vertigo.”

You can listen to the podcast here (the podcast player is at the bottom of the page).

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