Instant Gratification: “Best in Show” and four other good movies to watch on Netflix and Hulu


Pick of the week: “Best in Show” (Netflix) — No offense to “A Mighty Wind,” but “Best in Show” is the last great Christopher Guest mockumentary. In following an eccentric but devoted menagerie of dog owners on their way to a prestigious show, Guest and his troupe of improvising regulars capture the obsessive natures of the competitors hilariously, but with sweetness and even tenderness too.

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Around the world in 16 movies with the UW Marquee International Film Festival


Well, this is a great idea. As foreign films seem to have a harder time breaking through into theatrical distribution (some supposedly indie distributors such as Fox Searchlight just flat-out won’t touch foreign-language movies), the Wisconsin Union Directorate is christening its first annual Marquee International Film Festival this weekend.

It features 16 films running Thursday through Sunday in the Union South Marquee Theatre, 1208 W. Dayton St. All are free. Some are films that recently played Sundance Cinemas for a week or two, others are festival hits that wouldn’t have gotten a theatrical screening in Madison, and a couple are early peeks at films that we wouldn’t otherwise see until later in the year.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming. Visit for more details on this and the rest of the semester’s offerings.

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“Victoria”: A German heist thriller that doesn’t take any short cuts


At first glance, the Blu-ray edition of the German heist thriller “Victoria,” now out from Kino Lorber, seems distressingly bare-bones. No audio commentary. No behind-the-scenes featurette. There isn’t even a “Scene Selection” option.

Wait. I get it. That’s because there’s only one scene. One 138-minute scene.

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